Preparing your camera equipment is probably one of the most important aspects of your safari arrangements, and will add immeasurably to your memories.

There are some outstanding high-resolution digital cameras on the market now, which capture superb images. This is particularly true if you are using a digital SLR camera body, with inter-changeable lenses. A major advantage of digital photography is that you can get instant feedback on images, and adjustments can be made in the field to ensure that you are happy with the photograph.

Remember that spare batteries are essential, and a storage device of some sort is recommended. Make certain you have enough memorcy card capacity – most people take more photographs than they expect to.


For excellent wildlife photography a good SLR camera and telephoto lens is your best bet. A zoom lens can be extremely useful on safari, our minimum recommended size is 70 – 200mm, although a 100 – 400mm is ideal. If you are using film, slides still give the best quality results (over print film). We suggest 400ASA for low light situations, and 100ASA for normal light. We also urge you to ensure that you pack a good quantity of film and spare camera batteries.

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