As your itinerary may include travel on both scheduled regional flights and light aircraft transfers or charters it is important that you are aware of the applicable weight and size restrictions regarding your luggage.

  • Scheduled airlines in Southern Africa generally carry a weight restriction of 20kg (44 lbs) per economy class traveller, and 30kg (66 lbs) for business class. Please ensure that you comply with the applicable restrictions (further details regarding number of luggage pieces and exact dimensions, for the particular carrier, can be obtained from your ticketing agent).
  • If you are combining scheduled and charter flights in your itinerary you need to stick to the charter flight restrictions – unless you have made alternative storage or transport arrangements for the excess luggage. Most large international airports will have a lock-up and leave facility, but please do check.
  • There are strict weight restrictions in place on light aircraft transfers – this is for technical reasons, such as the altitude of the airstrip, the fact that much of the flying is done in a very hot climate, and the aircraft themselves are physically restricted in terms of space. Therefore, luggage is strictly limited to 12 kg (26 lbs) per person, packed in a soft bag. The maximum dimensions of the soft bags which can be accommodated are as follows: 36cm (14 inches) wide x 30cm (12 inches) high and 81cm long (32 inches). Please keep in mind that the baggage compartments on the light aircraft are only 25cm high (10 inches), so the pilots must have the ability to manipulate the bag into the compartment. Don’t pack any fragile items.
  • Most Southern African airlines have adopted international standards regarding the carriage of Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) in hand luggage. Each container can be a maximum of 100ml in capacity, packed in a re-sealable transparent plastic bag; the total capacity of the bag must not exceed 1 litre. These bags should be removed from your hand luggage and presented to security personnel for inspection when requested.

Safety Tip

Due to the prevalence of theft at airports around the world, it is recommended that you keep valuables (jewellery, cameras and other electronics), as well as medication, in your hand luggage rather than checking it in.

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