Tips and Gratuities

Although the paying of tips or gratuities is not compulsory when travelling in South Africa, it is something that many guests choose to do in order to show their appreciation. As it can be difficult for visitors to determine a fair amount we would like to offer suggestions, based on our experience, that may help.

  • Camp, Game Lodge and Specialist Tourist Guides: if the guide has done a good job, we recommend 10 US Dollars (or equivalent) per guest per day
  • Porterage: here we recommend about 1 US Dollar per person per baggage transfer
  • Transfer and Touring Driver/ Guides:
    • for a transfer; 3 US Dollar per person
    • half day tour; 10 US Dollar per person
    • full day tour; 15 US Dollar per person
  • Restaurants / Hotels: 10% is customary on meals but only if you are satisfied with the service. A service charge is normally added automatically in the case of larger tables (more than 6 people).
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