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Elephant Sanctuary

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Our Elephant Sanctuary Tour takes you to an amazingĀ facility close to Johannesburg where you can interact with these magnificent beasts, and learn about their anatomy and behaviour. Walk hand-in-trunk with the African Elephant, an experience… continue reading Elephant Sanctuary

Cullinan Diamond Mine and Pretoria

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The Cullinan Premier Diamond Mine conducts a 2-hour surface tour where you will: visit the Diamond House to view a display of rough diamonds; see the 32ha big hole; visit the mine shaft in operation;… continue reading Cullinan Diamond Mine and Pretoria

Pretoria City and Suburbs

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Visit Pretoria, where you will learn about the Boer war. Ride down the wide streets of South Africa’s Administrative Capital city, enjoying the beauty of the 75,000 odd Jacaranda trees that line your route, and… continue reading Pretoria City and Suburbs

Johannesburg and Pretoria Overview

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Our Johannesburg and Pretoria overview tour is the best possible excursion for a good overall look at two cities so close to one another (65 kms) yet so totally different. Visit the highlights of this… continue reading Johannesburg and Pretoria Overview

Johannesburg, Apartheid Museum and Soweto

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Learn about Johannesburg, or the “City of Gold” as it’s sometimes called, South Africa’s largest city which remains the country’s financial and commercial heart. Our Johannesburg City Tour forms the base of this day trip… continue reading Johannesburg, Apartheid Museum and Soweto