Advice: South African Gems

We all know about the main attractions in South Africa. Table Mountain, Kruger Park, Gold Reef City and the Apartheid Museum (in Johannesburg) – these are a few of the destinations on everyone’s list of things to see and places to go. But, like any country, there are lots of lesser known spots that are just as worthwhile in terms of a visit.

But of course these places are known only by the locals. So how do you find the real South African gems?

I read an interesting article on this today in fact on Some of the places they mention are:

  • Beaver Lac: a place to experience the best of the Western Cape Mountains. Natural rock pools, awe-inspiring hiking and mountain trails and campsites where all the setting up is already done is a bonus one simply does not find anywhere else.
  • Prince’s Grant: fronted by a vast stretch of Indian Ocean coastline, Prince’s Grant offers direct access to pristine beach and lagoon on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast.
  • Barrydale: located near the awe inspiring Tradouw Pass on the border of the Klein Karoo this village offers locally made wines and thriving bird-life.
  • the West Coast: we already know there are special and unique towns along the West Coast. It is our favourite part of the country.

Of course there are tens, or even hundreds, of similar towns and cities that are off the beaten track and worth a visit.

Do you have a favourite lesser-known spot you would like to tell us about? Please do so in the comments.

Happy travels.

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