News: the barge Margaret

On the 24 June 2009 the Barge MARGARET, with its load of 12 river barges, floated ashore at Jacobsbaai after breaking its tow from the Tug SALVALIANT.

“The Margaret”, as she became known, put Jacobsbaai on the map, bringing hordes of curious onlookers to the little village. The local Hotel and Restaurant flourished while residents cringed.

Traffic increased, dunes and fynbos were trampled, a few tempers flared, rumours abounded, and salvage attempts started, stopped and then started again.

Eventually the wreck was exploded, six barges were saved and the rest was left to rust away.

The mighty Atlantic has taken its vengeance out on the remains, rusting it relentlessly away and pounding it with regular high seas. The accompanying pictures show the wreck soon after it happened, and what’s left now.

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