Advisory: Zambia travel

Zambia Flag

We have suddenly been advised by the Zambian Immigration Authorities that anyone arriving at any Zambian Airport – including Livingstone – will be required to show a Yellow Fever certificate. Similarly, anyone flying from Zambia – including Livingstone into any South African Airport will also be required to show the Yellow Fever Certificate.

This new requirement only affects people travelling directly between Zambia and South Africa

We would strongly advise you to visit your Doctor or Travel Clinic to obtain the vaccination, and accompanying certificate. Please contact your local embassy for more information on this change if you are planning any travel for this route.

Whilst I have been unable to find any “official” mention of this change on either the SA consulate or Zambian embassy websites it is mentioned by both the UK Foreign Office page and U.S. Department of State so, better to be safe than sorry.

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